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Wise Owl Supplements stemmed from a cry for help.  My dear friends and family were suffering from the same symptoms: numbness, tingling, and pain in the feet and hands.
These extremely uncomfortable symptoms seemed to get worse with age. Most doctors explained these symptoms would continue to worsen and there was little to nothing that could be done.
Through my research, I discovered the root cause of these symptoms was a condition known as neuropathy or damage of the nerves. Many things can cause neuropathy including age, poor circulation, inflammation, and blood sugar issues.
As I examined study after study, I began to uncover natural remedies and ingredients proven to help with symptoms. Many of the studies concluded that certain specific ingredients worked best when taken in conjunction with each other at correct doses.
Once I identified the top 6 natural ingredients that were proven to help with nephropathy according to peer-reviewed studies,  then began the search for a product that contained the top ingredients...
What did I find?  

Not one product combined the top 6 proven ingredients. Many of the top-sellers contained one or two of the top ingredients with a slew of other ingredients with no proven results.  I was not impressed.
PLUS, to make matters worse, most products on the market used doses that were much lower than used in the studies. The most popular supplement on the market used 300% less R-ALA than recommended in the studies! How can you expect any results using incorrect doses?

So... I decided to make a new solution for my friends and family.

The RESULT was Nerve+ Neuropathy Support Formula.